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We get that sometimes it can feel lonely being a small business owner. Which is why we have put together our infamous zoom sessions into 'epic power hours' covering your burning questions and topics as a collective group. An opportunity to work closely with Em and the Team at a fraction of the cost!
Each session will also include a 15-20 minute Q&A session with Em & the team.

So grab your wine or hot cup of tea and join us for Em's Power Hour!

SAVE $70+ with the all access pass


How to find your hashtags 

  • How to create your personalised hashtag strategy
  • How to find hashtags related to your niche
  • When and where to use hashtags
  • Why your hashtags might not be performing

How to batch create content 

  • Plan your social media content without the stress 
  • Map out your business marketing plan for 1 month
  • Demonstration of our NEW content planner to map out our client's social media strategy

Content pillars 

  • Learn about your 3 content pillars 
  • How to write captions with ease
  • How to create captions that convert to engagement and sales 
  • How to add a personal element to your content 

Finding your ideal customer 

  • Finding your ideal customer across different social media platforms
  • Influencer marketing 
  • How to nurture your ideal customer + give value!

Website Basics 

  • Nailing your first impression
  • How to service your customer journey
  • Ways to convert visitors to an email subscriber

How to start with Reels 

  • Easy transitions
  • How to choose your music
  • Content ideas to implement in your Reels
  • Recommended apps

EDM Fundamentals

  • Learn the value of email marketing 
  • How to generate Leads
  • Email Health Checklist - no-one wants to end up in spam right?

Building a Launch Plan

  • How to nail your launch plan
  • What is the difference between prelaunch and launch
  • The Sociallyem strategy to building that hype for a successful launch.

Pinterest 101

  • How to develop a Pinterest strategy
  • Why you should be using Pinterest
  • How to convert pins to traffic to your website

Getting started with FB Ad's

  • Top of Funnel vs Bottom of Funnel
  • When to Start Facebook Ads
  • Setting up your FB Pixel
  • Retarget your existing audience

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