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2 month minimum so we can guarantee best results 


This package is designed to be a regular monthly management. The first month is to establish  your warm and cold audience, gathering data (audiences from your pixel) which is super essential and a beneficial process in the beginning. We recommend 3 months of management to see results. 



Paid Facebook advertising is the most targeted and cost-effective form of digital marketing currently available to businesses.


Facebook has some of the best targeting abilities available, either online or offline.  Below are a few options:


Target ads to people who visit your website: By inserting a little piece of code onto your website (called the Facebook Pixel), you can target your Facebook advertising to people who have already visited your website. This is called ‘remarketing’ and is an incredible way of securing business from already 'warm prospects'. 

Target ads to people who are in your email database: You are able to upload a spreadsheet of all of the people in your email database to Facebook, and serve ads to them without them ever knowing that you are targeting just them.

Target ads to people similar to the people who visit your website and/or who are in your email database: You can ask Facebook to generate a list of people with similar attributes to people already in your database. This is called a lookalike audience, and it is a very effective way of finding new potential clients to advertise to. 

Target ads to fans of other pages that your ideal client is likely to follow: You can target Facebook advertising to the fans of other pages. For example, if you are an interior design company you could target your ads to people who are fans of ‘Coco Republic’. 

Target ads to fans of your competitors pages: You can target ads to people who ‘like’ the business pages of your competitors as a way of attracting them to your business. Note that this function isn’t available to all pages, there seems to need to be at least a few thousand followers of the page for it to be successful.

Target ads to people who have engaged with your content on Facebook already: You are able to create an audience of people to serve ads to who have previously interacted with your content on Facebook, even if they don’t currently ‘like’ your page. For example, you can create an audience of people who: Have watched either 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50% 75% or 90% of your video; or People who have engaged with your page – either by visiting it, engaging with a post, sending a message to your page or saving your page or a post


The more you invest into PAID Facebook marketing, the more you can expect to achieve from it. I always say to allow a minimum budget of $25 per day. If you can’t afford $35 a day on advertising, then why should you expect results?


What's included:  

+  Set up multiple ad / ad sets – based on your objectives and current pixel set up

+  Funnel strategy

+  Placement optimisation: Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network, Messenger +  Audience profiling, targeting and custom audiences  

+  Ad creation (including videos, slideshows, images) - Please note this is not creation of your images and videos, these must be supplied to be used in your ads

+  Ad copywriting (If you have any copywriting brand/voice guidelines done for you, can you send these through)

+  Ongoing optimisation - editing and improving the ads over the month  

+  Report and updates on results, including feedback on what is working and what will be changed to improve.

+ 2 calls in first month and then ongoing monthly calls for best optimisation. 


Payment is required in advance. Please note these fees are not including ad spend (this is payable by you through Facebook).



The tasks I will need to be completed before I start the ads are: 

If you would like all the below tasks that need to be completed for you, before I make a start (i.e. catalogue, pixel set up etc) an additional charge of $250 can be added to the invoice for me to complete these for you. I also need your log in details to do so.

  • Ad account to be set up in Business Manager (not a personal account)
  • Pixel set up in Business Manager for Business Account (not personal account)
  • Pixel installed on website and corresponding with the pixel in Business Manager – this is a really important step!
  • Instagram account connected in Business Manager
  • E-commerce businesses - Catalog set up in Business Manager (descriptions, prices and pictures need to all be working). These can be used for dynamic ads.

How to set up a catalog: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1275400645914358?id=725943027795860 – the steps for the catalog document need to be followed exactly to ensure that the CSV file uploads correctly. 

  • Payment details entered for the business ad account (not personal account): 

Steps to add a payment method to your ad account

  1. Go to your Payment Settings in Ads Manager(make sure you click on your ad account, not your personal account)
  2. In the Payment Method section, click Add Payment Method.
  3. Choose the payment method you want to add, fill in your information and then click Continue. Follow any additional instructions to add your payment method.
  4. Set your account spending limit – once it has reached this limit you will be billed.


All ads will be sent to you in an email for your approval before they are published as live. Please note you will receive a notification that the ad has been approved, this is just Facebook acknowledging that the ad can go ahead, however it is not published as live.


Add ons:

  • If you would like graphics created specifically for your ad – a cost of $80 per graphic can be added to your invoice. Graphics can include your branding colours, text etc.
  • If you would like all the above tasks that need to be completed for them before I make a start (i.e. catalogue, pixel set up etc) an additional charge can be added to the invoice for me to complete these for you. I also need your log in details to do so.


What I will need:

  • Information/Background on business:

Information on business (what you do and why, values, ecom business etc)

Instagram handle

Facebook page name

location of your business

  • Information on audience profiling – Age, sex, location, interests
  • Images you would like to use, if any credits of photos need to be made in the ad please let me know. Images must be high res, clear photos
  • Objectives for your ads – i.e. all products, a certain service you want to sell/promote, a sale, Social media engagement, likes/follows etc
  • Your weekly budget for ad spend
  • If you have any copywriting done, send through your brand guidelines
  • If a pixel hasn’t been installed before, can you please let me know.