Collaboration Contract

We have heard the frustrations of small business owners who have sent their products to a influencer or brand rep and then NOTHING. They have your product and you never hear from them again. Even though they agreed to a few posts or stories!!! Sound familiar? 

That being said 9 times out of 10 they are incredible but it is hard for a small business to cop that expense on the chin if it doesn't work out as planned. 

In 2019, this was our most asked question! What can I do if I send them product, they ignore my messages and didn't send photos or promote my product? 

Nothing! There is ZERO you can do, UNLESS you have a legal binding contract between both parties. But no small business can afford the lawyers fee in this right? 

The document will be sent to you in a Microsoft Word format for you to manually enter your details for each contract you need to send. 


Please allow 2-3 days turnaround.