Brand Theme Overhaul

Feeling like your Instagram feed is a bit meh….blah… totally missing something?

Did you know within the first 5 seconds of someone clicking onto your page, the viewer has already made up their mind!

Your page needs to scream your brand and theme.

Posting images because you feel you HAVE TO post, creates a messy feed that isn’t easy on the eye to navigate and get a feel for your brand and products. You need to keep your potential follower wanting more so they scroll past the first 6 images they instantly see.

Your bio needs to be; clear and precise whilst showing a little creativity so you’re not the same as every Susan and Sally next door.


This is what sells your products or services.

Along with posting your products/services you need to incorporate slight fed breakers so it’s not overwhelming to your potential followers.


What’s Included?

Let me create MAGIC! #fairygodmother

You will be sent a short questionnaire which will ask for information about who you are and what you offer etc.

I will then create a 2-feed theme mood board with ideas for you to implement, allowing you to visually see the potential your feed can have. Plus, I will include explanations as to why I have chosen certain images or added particular things.

Each feed theme will include 9 images each.

But wait there is more…I will also include a bio set to knock your competition out of the park.

This is a fantastic complete brand overhaul that will give your page the little revamp it needs. These are my passion; I love seeing the transformation and so will you.

Instagram highlight covers are an optional extra at only $15 each. - Please see separate listing. 

Customer Reviews

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Mauli Franciscus
The best thing I did for my business!

I started my side hussle and was completely new to instagram (didn't post much on my personal page either). The brand overhaul was seriously the best thing I did! It took my page from looking like a new starter to professional! I get comments on it all the time and now I have a theme to work with. It gave me guidance as well as some tips of the trade 😉.