Consulting Services

Founder of three successful 6 figure businesses with over five years marketing experience, Em is not just a mother and international FIFO wifey but also a god dam hustler in the social media world #talkaboutamouthful.


The social media world can cause many small businesses massive headaches. Post that at this time, don’t post that hashtag, what the shizz is an algorithm?! Why am I working so hard and am not generating sales, I’ve spent all my hard-earned money on stock, and it isn’t moving WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


You are not alone, almost all new businesses spend their entire budget on stock, websites, business cards etc but do not leave any in the bank to LEARN how to make that business successful in the ever-changing, popular world that is social media. Or better yet, have their social media development placed into the hands of a friends, cousins, 17-year-old baby brother who has 3000 followers, so must know what they are doing. There’s doing social media and then there is doing social media successfully.

In order to get out what you put in, you must develop a strategy and this is where I come in! Your social media fairy godmother offering a range of social media training and education services for those businesses who are ready to lift their social media game.

Whether you are new to the game and just beginning or your neck deep in 5 years of trade and feel like there is nowhere to go I can help you, just like I have successfully helped more than 3500 women become confident CEO’s in their own social media world.

I live, breathe and eat (ok too far) to help women become successful business owners whilst being able to maintain that ever so important happy home/work life balance. There is money to be made and its waiting for you to grab it, you just need the right tools to make it happen! Let me teach you ma ways girl.


hook a sister up, with your services!