Newsletters (EDM) Management & Setup

It all begins with social media and bringing in those customers. If they are already viewing your website and subscribing, you know you are doing something right!

Now you’ve drawn them in, you need to keep their focus on your products, maintain and better yet fuel that interest whilst keeping them up to date and reaching that end goal... buying your amazing products!

Newsletters are your bread and butter, this is the perfect place to keep in touch with your customers, make them feel important and build that loyalty whilst simultaneously showcasing your new arrivals or blog advice, exactly what they came to see!

You should be sending your newsletter at least fortnightly (aim for weekly, this is only going to bring you more success and keep your customers continuously engaged). You want to keep your brand fresh on their mind so anytime they need something your page and products are their first point of contact.

I can take out the hard work and create your newsletters for you to send out or help with management of your email marketing!

I recommend starting with your automations. An automated email campaign is a series of emails that are sent automatically, triggered by the actions of your subscribers. Whether they've just subscribed, have left something in their cart or they haven't purchased in a while, you can keep in touch with them all while you're busy on other avenues of your business.

What’s Included?

I will create a customised design that can be updated on a regular basis with the latest goss, information and/or products to continuously show casing your amazing products/services.

Whether you haven't set up email marketing yet or you just need a helping hand to make the most of your current subscriber list, the team at SociallyEm can help! Here's how...
FIRST NEWSLETTER & SEND - $199 Just want to dip your toes in to email marketing & see how it goes? We'll create a customised design that you can update & use on a regular basis. The creation of the template will also included your first send out.
HELP! I'M NEW TO EDM - $289 We'll design your first newsletter template, set it up, send it out and integrate it into your Shopify store with a pop up subscription box to capture new subscribers & potential customers.
TWO NEWSLETTER TEMPLATES - $225 Just need a couple of banging templates to get you going? This one’s for you! 
3 MONTH CONTENT PLANNER - $179 You need to keep in contact with your subscribers so they don't forget you but maybe you're not sure how or what you should be sending. We'll create a 3-month content plan for your email marketing so you can be organised & ahead of the game. 6-8 Ideas.

How can SociallyEm help? Introducing our automation services...
SAY HELLO - $199 

They've subscribed, but one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not following up with their subscribers! Send out an automated welcome sequence after someone subscribes to ensure they stay & become a customer! They’ve taken the time to register now you need to stay in contact with updates & exclusive offers. Don't compete with the algorithms on social media, send it all direct in their mailbox! Includes setup & template.
HEY! WE MISS YOU - $199 

You know the ones, they bought once & you never saw them again. How do you get them to come back & become a repeat customer? Keep in touch with them with an automation that goes to those customers who haven’t purchased in the last 90 days to get them back & re-interested in your brand! Includes template and setup on Klayvio or Mailchimp.

We all do it, we add to cart then get distracted by the kids & forget about it. Remind them about what they left behind so they come back! Abandoned Cart automation setup directly into your preferred mailing platform (Mailchimp or Klaviyo). 

HOW DID WE DO? - $199

Collecting reviews if vital for any business, follow up with your customer and ask for their feedback! We’ll put together a template and set it up as an automation to remind your customers.

For those businesses who know they need to up their email marketing game & need it ALL. We will put together templates for the four automations mentioned above (Say Hello, Hey! We miss you,  Hey, is this yours? And How did we do? PLUS a template you can use for regular send outs). That’s FIVE templates and four automations to set you up for success!

Please allow a turnaround time of 14 business days**

Customer Reviews

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Anna Smale
Amazing EDM's!

Thank you to the Socially Em team for nailing the Mother of All EDM's for me!

Nelli Hegi

Loved the whole process. We have brainstormed ideas and the visualization was just spot on!
Thank you for all your help!