Content Creation

How many Posts?
Add Hashtags?
Add Posting?

Listen, I get it, life is hectic! The LAST thing you want to do is plan your content for social media. Which often leads to an AHHHH, I’ll just throw this up with a lame caption that will draw no engagement because I HAVE TO POST!

Then you are left wondering why things aren’t working…

STOP right there! I can take the thought and planning process out if for you. #hollllaa

What’s Included?

Plan your content 7 days in advance so you can see how nicely it’s all going to flow and how pretty it will be.

Caption writing – Because I am somewhat of a legend for this!

Optional extras:

  • Hashtags prepped ready to plant in your first comment.
  • Optional posting if required – I can post this on your behalf!

Once purchasing this product, I will get in contact with you to discuss your feed and what you would like to see as well as offer my #expert advice. You can purchase this as a regular package or as a once off until you get your mojo.