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So... it's a new year, you finally feel like you have found your groove on a business front.... but still have no idea what to post? 

We got you! Our Autumn caption bundle covers you with posting ideas for the next three months!

How does 60 pre-written captions sound? With 30 different call to actions to convert! 

- 30 kids themed captions

- 30 non kids themed captions 

Our captions are written the SociallyEm Way which follow our three content pillars; promotion, value and connection. 

This Pack has been created to increase your Business presence on Social Media and put your sales on auto-pilot.

Hands up if you get stuck in the process of deciding what type of captions to use. Should captions be informative? funny? serious or inspirational? Should you add emojis and hashtags? What about call-to-actions? Am I being too over the top? Is this enough information? Heck will this convert? 

A great Instagram caption will captivate the audience's attention. Did you know, the longer someone spends reading and engaging with your post, the higher your post will rank within the Instagram algorithm?!

Captions are a powerful tool that can help with increasing likes, comments, and visits to your website. They are an excellent opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your audience.

PLUS we have thrown in a story template pack for you. So you legit can just POST on the fly. - Add your own products, drag and drop baby! Or tweak to suit your own branding.

Template will be supplied for use in canva. 

- 20 story templates

Download our zoom powerhour workshop on captions here for the 411 on captions explained. 


This pack is designed for business owners, content creators, influencers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

- Suitable for all type of business
- Save money and time.
- Strategic and effective captions
- Boost your engagement.
- Reach more customers and followers.
- Increase sales by reaching the relevant audience.


A PDF doc with the below:

- 60 Instagram Captions
- 60 Instagram Call to Action
- 20 Instagram Stories 
- Tips and Tricks to help you thrive
- Word doc to copy and paste baby!

How are you still here? Get your copy now girl!

*While suitable for all, our 'promote' captions are specifically designed for businesses, if you are an influencer/blogger/content creator you can tweak these for your paid posts.*

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Very helpful

On those days when you can't think of anything to write this is awesome!

Alicia Gordon

Autumn Caption Bundle