1.  Do join a conversation by using the native hashtag.⁣

As a brand, make it a point to join the conversation with the most organic hashtag your users are already using. This can be a chance to strengthen your brand loyalty and have your followers and fans feel acknowledged.⁣

2.  Do use Hashtags on all platforms.⁣

It’s not just a Instagram thang, honest. Developing a hashtag that can be used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for instance, can help you widen your reach, while also continuing the conversation across all platforms. So, instead of pushing away your audience you’re encouraging them to continue the conversation wherever they feel the most comfortable doing so.⁣

3.  Do use hashtags to engage with your fans and followers (signal and noise quote).⁣

Social media is a source of a whole lot of noise, use [hashtags] as a way to create signal… not add to the noise. You don’t want your brand to become an annoyance to followers, you want to guide the conversation and encourage engagement.⁣

4.  Do your research, constantly change shiz up ..⁣

If your hashtags are generating a LOW insight result each post, then stop and work out a new hashtag package. What worked last month, won’t necessarily work this month. Times change, fashion changes, people grow.. Keep it fresh! Spend time analysing or purchase a hashtag package from mwa.⁣

5.  Don’t use inaccurate hashtags (#spam)⁣

It’s social media’s version of spam. Really, it’s one of the ways to isolate current and potential followers all at once. Use relevant hashtags that are in line with your voice on social media and one your followers will acknowledge. Adding as many hashtags to your post, doesn’t add in any extra value for your follower. Actually, it does the opposite by making your dialogue on social media feel forced and too marketed.⁣


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